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Book ‘Project Love Temple’ released

Byuro Chief Varanasi

Varanasi। The book authored by Mr. Vipin Verma, an employee of the Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), was launched in the Main Library located in the institute to spread awareness about the beauty of India’s rich & majestic culture and heritage.
The book was released by Chief Guest Mr. Rajan Srivastava, Registrar In-charge, IIT (BHU), Special Guest Professor P.K. Roy, Coordinator, School of Biomedical Engineering, and Dr. Naveen Upadhyay, Deputy Librarian, IIT (BHU).

On the occasion of the book launch, special guest Professor P.K. Roy said the book ‘Project Love Temple’ is the result of the right combination of left and right brain. The chief guest Shri Rajan Srivastava said that when historians wrote the history of India, they forgot our grand temples. He congratulated for the book ‘Project Love Temple’ and best wishes for the entire project based on the temples of India.

On this occasion, the author of the book Shri Vipin Verma said that this book is based on the grand temples of Khajuraho; who built these temples? What was the ideology behind it? An attempt has been made to find out the answers to these questions through fiction. The book is based on an idea to change the dystopia of the future by changing things in past.
He, along with his team Chitra (co-writer) and Aditi (proofreader), is trying to revive the cherisma and magnificence of our rich and pious culture and architecture by attracting more people to this grandeur.

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